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iPad Mini Lessons

Make a lampshade by recycle an old colander

By using your old colander, you can make a new lampshade on your own. Just pierce it with a drilling machine, put an electric lamp and hang it on the ceiling. Your new lampshade looks nice, practical and ready to be used.

Make a hanging planter by rope

You just need a thick rope and a pair of scissors. Knot the rope as shown on the picture and then hang it on the wall together with the planter. This idea is really simple but practical and useful.

Make a Candle Holders From Dry twigs

It’s a really interesting way to make candle holders. Just pick some dry twigs and put them round a glass. You can bind them with a cord, for example. The result is a new small simple piece of decoration suitable for your living-room.

Make a beautiful Vase by old lamp

You see that we can make use even from old lamps. You just have to remove the film from the bulb and fill it with water. Then put flowers in it. You may find resemblance between a real vase and our beautiful hand-made one.

DIY Initial Letter Planters

Planters in shapes of letters are very interesting. You cane make such ones, too. Just choose a letter and shape it from cardboard or plastic. Then fill it with soil and plant flowers. When they grow, they will be really attractive and amazing.

Make a table by recycling spool

If you have an old big spool you can make use of it. Take one of the sides as a top and decorate it as you like. The other side is the bottom which could be laid over wheels in order to be movable. Then you have a practical small table suitable for a book shelf, for example.