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How to renew your old bowl

If you want to renew an old bow, you just need a rope and a pair of scissors. Wind the rope round the pot all over its surface. Now you’ve got a completely new bowl looking stylish and elegant, suitable for decoration, as well.

Add sequin to your skirt

If you intend to make your clothing more attractive you can stick paillettes and sequins on your skirt for example. You just have to use tacky glue and your imagination. It is really simple but the result is charming.

Turn Plastic Bottle to pot planter as Swan

You can use a plastic bottle to make a planter in the shape of a swan. Just fill it with soil and wind a metal stick as shown. Attach it to the bottle. Then use clay and shape a swan. Pay attention to a few more details and you’ll have the perfect planter for your garden.

Diy Distressed Brignt Jeans

You can make your jeans more attractive and fashionable by using sandpaper, xacto knife and fabric marker. Just sand the cloth, scrape it with the knife and stain it with the marker. Your jeans will be more fresh and trendy.

Add Pretty Lace For Pot Planter

If your plant pots at home seem too uniform to you, you may make them a little bit attractive. What is necessary is just a piece of lace, glue and a pair of scissors. The lace is stuck round the pot which makes it unusual but interesting.

Make a Triangular Chain Leather Bracelet

Watch the photos and repeat what you see carefully. You might create an elegant chain-leather on your own. You need thread and something to pierce the metal. Then string everything up and you get your new pretty bracelet.

Make a Triangular Chain Leather Bracelet