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Embellished your bag strap

Your bag strap may look more interesting and attractive. Just find some embellishments, studs, carabiners, fabric glue, craft stick and tweezer. Stick the studs on the strap and embellish it. Use the carabiners to attach the bag to the strap. Then you get a new fashionable and stylish accessory.


Best way to studded bra

You can decorate your bra in the same way and it will not cause you much effort. Just pick some decorative elements that you like and lay them over the bra. You may need a pair of pliers. Finally you got something intriguing and worth paying attention to.


Make a strap bag from Key holder

By using different colours of carabiner clips you can make an interesting strap for your bag. Just link the carabiners, snip and pierce the bag and clip it with the chain of carabiners. The method is simple but practical and impressive.


How to print an owl in your shirt

Printing an image on a T-shirt is not so difficult. You just need to sketch the figure on a sheet of paper, lay it over the cloth and iron it on. Then paint it and remove the paper. The result is a new amazing and beautiful image on your T-shirt.


Diy : Lace inset into jeans

Your jeans may become more elegant and trendy by inserting a lace into. You only need a pair of scissors to cut the cloth and then insert the lace. Sew it to the jeans and enjoy their new look. Now they are not so monotonous and boring.


How to make a lamps from hemp

You just have to round the figure with hemp and pierce a hole. Use tacky glue. Then put a light into and hang the shade to the ceiling. Now you’ve got a new stylish lampshade suitable for your kitchen, living-room or bedroom.